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roosevelt hit frances perkins to head the committee on safety after the triangle shortwave fire. i knew frances perkins tied to roosevelt went far back. but that really tied very closely to teddy roosevelt and was even a big surprise to the teddy roosevelt scholars that learned about it after we found it and discussed it with them. let me start by asking you all a question. how many of you have heard of frances perkins and know who she is? >> wow. that's great. first of all, this is wonderful. i've got a great audience. and i also have a fairly rare audience in that most people in america have no idea who frances perkins is, and i know that myself because when i started on this road, i didn't know who she was either. i came from a family that didn't care much for roosevelt, and i kept stumbling across her name though again and again over the years and finally it was almost like a doorbell that kept ringing and i had to go answer to. let me -- one of the things i think is important though is that it's difficult to even say all the things frances perkins did, and i'd like to start with a
in 1754 in north america and through that beginning of the war in north america france and britain came to be at war with each other. and formally in europe france and britain went to war against each other in 1756. by that time, as we'll see, their colonies in north america and their forces in north america were already joined in conflict so to understand the french and indian war as it's traditionally called in american u.s. history and also the seven years war, one has to put it in a very broad perspective of north american history and even european history of course and looking beyond europe to the competition between empires, especially france and britain in various corners of the globe. the war would be fought in north america where it began. it was joined in europe on a large scale and involved nations such as russia, austria, prussia as well as france and britain. and of course it was fought in the caribbean as well, which was a major theater of conflict during the war. toward the end of the war spain would join on the side of france complicating the matter still. well, today ou
as fox reports tonight. explosion at the standoff in france involuming a suspected serial killer prosecutors say the suspect was planning to attack again. >> he already had a soldier picked out that he wanted to kill now, new details about his possible ties to al qaeda. a warning about iran teaming with terrorists here in the united states. >> can iran hit us here at home? you bet they can. >> tonight, experts tell us what might trigger an attack plus there is word an aspirin a day can keep cancer away. some doctors warn there is a catch. i love my sister this much have. >> shepard: thee does. we will show you how this 4-year-old saved her little sister's life. thanks, froggy. we begin tonight with serious breaking news. we have been watching a standoff between hundreds of police officers and an admitted terrorist now accused of killing seven people in france, including children. the drama has been unfolding for more than 20 hours just moments ago we heard loud explosions at the scene. this is it. the raid is on. this is a live look at the scene police say the suspect is a member
for the costa allegra. >> and it is no joy as jermaine was to france in a warm-up euro 2012 -- germany loses to france in a warm-up your 2012. the indicted nations human rights council has condemned syria for what it is calling the brutal actions of the assad regime, but again, china and russia are not on board. >> they voted against the resolution despite reports that assad's assault on the city of homs is intensifying. >> the united nations' new envoy to syria says the killing must stop. it is a message he now wants to take to damascus. >> syrian artillery has been pounding the city of damascus for days. reports said the army has launched a ground effective to flush out the rebels. the humanitarian situation is catastrophic. kofi annan could travel to the middle east as early as friday for meetings with top arab league officials. he says he wants to meet as quickly as possible with president assad. the former united nations secretary general said that he will urge assad to find a peaceful solution through dialogue. >> time will tell. we will plead with him that he should engage not only wi
there an examination of france, the u.k., germany as well. >> why did you choose those? the subtitle also refers to atlantic democracies, but why did you choose as this is? >> well, several reasons. one is on the europeans by training, a political scientist, and of living your 67 years. i know these countries and other languages, the culture, and it's important to be able to immerse yourself in a different culture in crafting a book like this, but i think the main reason has to do with the fact that these a leading scientific powers that have been on the cutting edge of the science, technology, as well as the ethical debates around these issues. and it's in these countries that you see the political systems take up these questions in a systematic fashion. >> when the the history of embryo politics begin? >> well, for 1968, a year that is familiar to us as one of great social unrest, but i suspect historians looking ' it for another reason. that is the first time in human history that is human egg and sperm were united in a laboratory in 1968 in cambridge. it's the beginning of a story that began
,000 men to north america to join in the conflict there. even though britain and france are not yet at war in europe, but the british government is thinking that north america is sufficiently important that we have to stop the french possession and capture of the ohio country. we cannot tolerate that. it's strategically important to us to be involved here. and the man who was appointed the head of the two british regiments was a veteran soldier, a veteran general, general edward braddock, and here we see a portrait of braddock. braddock entered the american scene very confident thinking that his regulars would carry the day. and not only he thought take ft. duquesne but march onward to niagara and other points and defeat the french. this was braddock's conception. no doubt he was overconfident. he landed -- where did his troops first come? they came to virginia and then moved into maryland and then northwestward toward ft. duquesne. accompanying him were virginia militia men. and george washington was at the head of those virginia militia assisting general braddock. so here we have colonia
and perseverance with science and researcher. to start with the oldest cryer first back to france where there is the first transfusion of blood from the calf to a well-known madman in paris but fortunately it failed and touched off of coltrane and political debate that ran for two centuries and repercussions evert -- even today. of officer of the will work is called holly tucker with the medicine health and society with a specially of medicine. her book a wonderful narrative was just nominated for the "l.a. times" book award, awarded on april 20th science and technology nonfiction. tell us about this book starting off on our historical tour. >> 84 the chance to be here to be with two fantastic authors i started to write this book several years ago primarily as the study of the history of blood and took a life of its own pry noticed through research that the first pled transition to equates in the 17th century as a response to blood circulation by william harvey and then people wanted to test the idea so they started to put plywood liquor, booze, opium, of no, no water coming into the ve
to be behind recent killings in france is cornered in his apartment. the french media shows the first picture of the man they say is a suspect. released by somali pirates. a british hostage held for more than six months is free. and long live rock and roll. we returned to cleveland, ohio to hear a part of history. welcome to our viewers on pbs in america and also around the globe. right now a stand up under way in france where the man suspected of carrying out seven recent killings is inside his apartment, surrounded by police. identified as a 24-year-old french citizen with links to pakistan and afghanistan. the french intelligence has been tracking him for years and he was prepared to attack again. >> they swooped in the early hours of the morning. intelligence gathered in the biggest manhunt france has known, leading them to an apartment. inside was the gunman responsible for seven murders. his name is mohammed merah, a 24-year-old french citizen and is known to the intelligence services. as they try to force their way in, there was an exchange of fire in which two policemen were shot. his
stories. france launches a terrorism investigation after a shooting at a jewish school in toulouse. >> more violence and casualties in syria as troops and rebels clashed in damascus. >> for the first time in 17 years, apple is paying a dividend on its shares. ♪ french police say they're widening their search for the suspect who shot dead a french- israeli teacher, his two children, and another student eddie george school in toulouse today. been drafted into the investigation. following the shooting, president sarkozy travel to the seven french city with the president the country's jewish association to visit the site of the shooting. >> the president also awarded -- alerted the country's highest terrorist alert level for southwestern france. >> in toulouse hours after the attack, residents gathered near the ozar hatorah school to express their sorrow. >> we are in mourning. i am in shock. so are all my friends here. >> nicolas sarkozy paid a visit to the school, accompanied by education and jewish affairs officials. the french president and directed his election campaign to come
lived in the ohio country ie that france was now strong in llying with france and strengthening their ties to the french. also significant was the fact that braddock had rejected assistance from delaware and shawnee chiefs and told one delaware chief that the indians would not inherit the land, that it was the british land. braddock, in other words, believed he needed nti he was terribly wrong as events would prove. instead, he alied some aided the french. the french had other native allies in the ohio country and its western margins, and the result was a staggering british defeat. out of braddock's men who were engaged, out of the number of or wounded. out of the number of 1,400, over 400 killed out of a force of about 1,400 in the advance line and 400 wounded. many officers were killed or wounded. braddock himself was shot and killed. mortally wounded. and after he died, he was buried in the road. washington had several horses shot out from under him. he was lucky that he survived this campaign. the troops themselves beat a hasty retreat going all the way back to philadelphia.
, which is also in the southwest of france, the home of the french paratroopers operating in afghanistan, and there were three soldiers that were shot there. they were in civilian clothes at a cash point, and a man got off a motorcycle, pushed people out the way, and, again, shot them point-blank. two of them immediately died, one of them seriously wounded and is in hospital. all of the previous victims are young men in their 20's and seem to be of north african origin, so not jewish, but there may be a racial link. a team of about 60 police have been working on this. they same it was the same gun used in the first two shootings. obviously they've not confirmed that yet so far on what's happened this morning, but they haven't ruled out terrorism, but it was maybe some sort of lone wolf, as one of the ministers has referred to, carrying out some kind of reprisal attacks. but we don't obviously know the details of his motives so far. >> they say they are horrified by this attack. they trust the french authorities, will shed full light on this tragedy and bring the perpetrators of these mur
hundred meters from the house itself. the man's brother has also been arrested. france's enter minister said that the man had previously been arrested on a trip to kandahar in afghanistan as well, and he added that he had thrown a gun out of the window and was talking about giving himself up in the course of the hours ahead. let's go over to christian fraser, who is in toulouse. christian, it's moving fast, isn't it? what is the latest? >> yeah, we just heard in the last few minutes what sounded like a stun grenade, david, perhaps police running out of patience with this man. we know from the interior minister that he does intend to come out alive. he said he would give himself up this afternoon, but there is a lot of police activity here at the moment. policemen are driving past us, forensic teams arriving here, and skilled negotiators, who are well used to this kind of operation. you mentioned he threw a handgun out of the win dosme this is a colt handgun that was used in the three previous shootings. he is known to be heavily armed. there is a news of a calish nick off and other hand
the disincentive for speculators. >> the german was able to get france and board for less, but whether the 800 billion will prove sufficient is another question. >> 800 billion euros may sound like a lot of money, but it is not as much as what the imf has been calling for for the eurozone. our correspondent is in copenhagen. she joins us from there. the imf, the u.s. wanted to see a one trillion euro european stability mechanism. is 800 billion euros enough to stop the debt contagion? >> well, that is what the ministers of finance hope. it is already a good sign that they found an end to the endless debate on how high the fire wall should be, and everyone presented himself as a winner. wolfgang scheuble said because he could avoid the fire wall, it should be boosted to one trillion euros. the others present themselves as a winner because not as much money than originally intended. also those who wanted one trillion euros are winners because the ministers of finance stressed that 800 billion euros means more than one trillion dollars. everyone is a winner, but it is still unclear how the market
ambassaors. >> a heavyweight clash in soccer as germany prepares to face off against france in an international friendly later tonight. ♪ >> the ecb has been showering europe's banks with money again, and they're taking all the cheap loans they can get. >> 529.5 billion euros is the number. that brings the total pumped out of the european central bank to over one trillion euros in the past couple of months. >> part of a special operation to prevent another credit crunch in europe's banking system. the hope is banks will use some of the money to keep telling governments afloat as well. >> we will be asking our markets reporter what this means. first, this report on the ecb's latest crisis-fighting move. >> is this bank in trouble? or this one? maybe this one? some 800 financial institutions have taken up the european central banks second offer of cheap money. but the ecb is not releasing many details. the banks are likewise keeping quiet. a big loan could be taken as a sign the company is in crisis. the ecb is asking only 1% annual interest for a three-year line of credit.
'll start with the elections. the white house is the obama seat of power. france is coming up, china will change hands later this year. what could all of this change mean on the world stage? we have a great panel. they will look across the globe and into their crystal balls. >>> also, james wolfensohn has many claims to fame. yes, he ran the world bank but he hired paul volcker when he started his own investment firm. i'll talk to him about the global economy and more. >>> later, an inside look at the silicon valley facebook, paypal, facebook, zynga. reid hoffman has been at the ground floor of all of them. >>> and why is one of america's friends, india, friends with one of its sworn enemies, iran? playground politics are at large. i'll explain. >>> but first, here's my take. we're going to hear a lot of polarized rhetoric over the next few months. the republicans and democrats will seem to disagree about everything. but there is one huge and important area where there is a possibility, a possibility of bipartisan action. that's tax reform. most americans, republicans and democrats,
george of britain on the left, the middle man is george clemenseaux of france and woodrow wilson of the united states and they had a huge range of issues to settle, because the first world war had left europe -- >> the man on the far left in this picture is your great grandfather. >> yes. yes, he is. >> david lloyd george. i'm sorry, go ahead. >> who i never knew, but anyway, it is my great grandfather. but the world was in a mess and what they had to try to do was figure out what to do with it. and they spent a lot of time of worrying about germany and you mentioned the ottomans, and the turks had a huge empire which included turkey and the balkans and included most of the arab territories in the middle east. suddenly the ottoman's had fallen to pieces and the arab territory was cut loose, and no one knew what to do with them. so this conference and those three men began to try to work out what to do with the arab world, not really taking much account of what the arabs themselves wanted to happen to want and what they in the end did. it's still with us today, they drew the borde
such attack, -- in southern france tonight, you have reason to be nervous. in the third such attack, a rabbi and his two children were among those killed. >> as parents drop the gates -- dropped children at the gates of the ozar hatorah school, a gunman opened fire. he shot everyone in front of him and chased it is terrifying -- chased the terrified children into the school. among the dead, the rabbi and his two sons. >> at first, he shot one bullet into the air. he hit the tree. then he shot the father and the two children. i did not turn around. i ran straight into the school. when he left, he started shooting again. >> the fourth victim was also a child between eight years old and 10 years old. eyewitnesses said one of the weapons jammed. that may have saved some of their lives. >> i just arrived. we heard shooting. we were frightened and shocked. >> this evening, their workers in the cathedral of notre dame -- there were prayers in the cathedral of notre dame. president of nicolas sarkozy -- president nicholas sarkozy has instructed schools across the nation have a moment of silence. >>
-brick city of albi in the south of france. henri grew up in a world of chateaus and privilege in a family living on the fruits of its noble past. but a france governed by the middle class was losing its taste for nobility. like many aristocrats, his father alphonse retreated into rural pastimes-- riding and hunting. an eccentric, he looked wistfully back to the family's glorious past. alphonse had married his first cousin adele, a common practice in a class anxious to preserve the purity of its bloodlines. but the results of inbreeding for henri were uncommonly cruel. his legs were short and weak. he broke each of them in early adolescence and stopped growing when he was 14. he was just under five feet tall. his head, hands and torso continued to develop. but his stunted legs made walking painful for the rest of his life. denied the aristocratic pleasures of riding and hunting, henri turned to sketching and painting rural scenes. he had a flair for it and in 1882, at the age of 18, he moved to paris to study painting. it was a move that would change the direction of his art and his life.
for him. we are following a developing story in france where the man suspected of three deadly attacks is surrounded by police. >>mark: here is a live look at the bay bridge. >>james: here is another a live look from the golden gate. you can see san francisco in the background. let's talk about whether for today. this morning, mostly cloudy skies and mild temperatures with fifties and forties. this afternoon there is a slight chance of the sprinkles in the north bay. this evening heading into tomorrow morning we do expect rain. we are looking for a possible wet commute tomorrow morning. in terms of temperatures, here is what we're looking at. expect temperatures to drop as we head towards 7:00 a.m.. scott >>darya: we will definitely stay tuned for that. >>mark: ross mirkirimi refused to resign even after being told from the mayor to step down or risk being forced out. >> at believe i am still very able to be the sheriff of san francisco and at this time i do not plan on resigning. >> after that statement the mayor made his own announcement saying he will file paperwork to start the pro
next week. the two-day standoff in southern france appears to be over. french media say the man accused of killing four people in a jewish school is dead. france's interior minister confirmed the news. french police, special forces stormed an apartment building thursday in toulouse. they tried capture the man. loud explosions and sustained gunfire were heard right after the raid. claude gueant was at the scene and said the suspect fought back, but was killed after injuring two police officers. the 23-year-old french national mohammed merah is suspected of killing three schoolchildren and a rabbi on monday at a jewish school in toulouse. he's also accused of two other shootings in southern france that left three french soldiers dead. the alleged killer reportedly hinted that the attacks were in retaliation for israel's occupation of the palestinian territories. >>> average land prices in japan fell for the fourth year in a row. it underscores the impact of the march 11th disaster on real estate prices in affected areas. the land ministry rethe results on thursday, it shows the prices in
. many other countries in the eurozone ahead with this, especially france. >> china, a bit of a battle going on over resources. >> this is all about rare earth s. these are 17 special minerals escalated from the ground. they are used in fluorescent lamps and bones of an electric cars. the issue here is the united states, japan, and the eu are bringing a trade case against china. they say china is now controlling and restricting the amount of rare earth materials it's allowing out of the country and therefore damaging eu, japan, and u.s. economies. more on that and a few minutes. >> thank you very much for that. the >> one of rupert murdoch's most trusted british aid has been arrested. rebecca brooks, the former chief executive of "news international" is being held on cause of perverting justice. her husband, the race horse trainer, charlie brooks, is one of five other people arrested. in the latest round of the increasing legal battles in the technology world, yahoo! says it will sue facebook. yahoo! claims that the social network has in french 10 of its patents -- has infringed 10 of
>> live and in hd, this is abc 7 "news at noon," on your side. >> the president of france calling it a national tragedy. a rabbi and three young children dead. others injured. france is investigating a possible link to terrorism. a gunman on a motorcycle opened fire this morning outside a jewish school in the french city of toulouse. it is not the first murder cycle attack in recent days. john gonzalez has the latest from our satellite center. >> authorities believe the gunman shot at least 15 times killing a 30-year-old rabbi, who was a teacher at the school, and his sons, a 3-year-old and a 6- year-old. a 17-year-old was also seriously wounded. the assailant used the same high caliber firearm used in fatal shootings last week. as parents were dropping off your children early this morning? the shooting began. witnesses say a gunman riding a scooter if stopped directly in front of the school in the southwestern city of toulouse and shot everything and everyone around. >> we are in mourning at the moment. i can recognize my friends all around here. we never thought something like t
cnn at a shooting in france. we've not been able to confirm details this morning. but media reports are saying at least three people are dead at a shooting at a jewish school. again, not confirmed exactly where. some reports are. the reports are saying this is tulus, in the south of france. all we can confirm is it's being reported that three people have been killed in a shooting at a jewish school in france. we'll work on getting you more details as soon as we get them here at cnn. nina. >> we certainly will. >>> coming back to british news. george osbourne is considering a tax cut for the country's richest people. the u.k.'s top tax rate pay about 50% of their tax rate on their incomes. that could be cut to 45% when george osbourne delivers the national budget on wednesday. they're committed to deep service cuts and civil service lieoffs. these measures are on the side of the u.s. debt crisis, and as you can imagine, for growth across the country. we look at the country's gdp, it shrank in the fourth quarter. when you have two successive quarters of falling out, that is technicall
-iran group pose a real, genuine terror threat right here on u.s. soil? stand by. >> in france, the standoff goes on with an accused mass killer who says he wants to bring the country to its knees. we are learning more about a man driven by vengeance. >>> and coach sean payton suspended. a very hefty fine and more. the nfl deals harsh punishment to the new orleans saints for a so-called bounty on opposing players. stand by. we're in "the situation room." >> all right. let's get right to our strategy session. joining us our cnn political contributor maria cardona along with rich galen. guy, thank you very much for coming in. jeb bush, popular governor of florida, endorsing mitt romney saying primary elections had been held in 34 states and now is the time for republicans to unite behind governor romney and take our message of fiscal conservatism and job creation to all voters this fall. is it at all realistic, do you think, to think that a romney-bush ticket in the fall is possible? >> any of these are possible. we were talking about them in the green room before. the great thing about runnin
building in southwestern france today, where a gunman claiming ties to al qaeda was holed up. he's suspected in the murders of seven people. good evening, i'm jeffrey brown. >> warner: and i'm margaret warner. on the "newshour" tonight, we get two on-the-ground reports from i.t.n.'s jonathon rugman in toulouse and steven erlanger of the "new york times" in paris. >> brown: then, at the supreme court today: high-impact decisions, plus arguments over a confrontation with then-vice president dick cheney. we talk with marcia coyle of the "national law journal." >> warner: for our american graduate series, betty ann bowser reports on a boston school, where early intervention for students with learning disabilities is producing lower drop-out rates. >> if we want kids to graduate from high school, that having a and for kids with significant learning disabilities, providing accommodations for reading a writing are critical. >> brown: ray suarez examines new studies showing a daily dose of aspirin may prevent and even treat cancer. >> warner: and gwen ifill talks with two senate veterans
right now. >>shepard: thank you, the news begins anew. breaking news from france. hundreds of police officers are in a stand off right now with a gunman accused of murdering seven people. that gunman reportedly said he did it in the name of al qaeda, developing with new information coming up. and new research that claims as written is good for more than just your heart. scientists say it may lower your risk of cancer. but, how much? how often? we will get a doctor's take. and the nfl handing out the harshest punishment in nfl history in the wake of the bounty scandal surrounding the new orleans saints. that, plus tebow! jets, jets, jets, unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b." but, first from fox at 3:00 in new york city, hundreds of police officers right now in the middle of a stand off with a suspected terrorist in france. we are told at least three officers are hurt and it happened in an early morning raid that sparked the shootout. officials have been negotiating with this guy for more than 13 hours. they say he is a suspected al qaeda follower. who
for joining us i'm eric thomas. >>> and i'm kristen sze a tense standoff now in france after major gun battle breaks out overnight between police and a gunman suspected in a deadly shooting spree at a jewish school. >> reporter: france's interior minister is saying the suspect has stopped talking to police. before dawn in toulouse, france police attempted a raid on a house. since then the man has exchanged gunfire with police and three officers have been wounded. one point he tossed a handgun out of a window. police say he's very much armed with at least one ak-47 assault rifle. the intenure minister says authorities have been monitoring this man for years. the 24-year-old is suspected of killing three jewish school children, a rabbi and three paratroopers in separate shootings. he's a friendman who claims to be connected to al-qaeda. known to have -- to have spent time in afghanistan and pakistan. he says he carried out shootings to avenge the death of palestinians. president sarkozy said, we should be united and not give into vengeance. we owe this to the victims who have been killed in col
in the neighborhood. john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> monitoring developments in a police raid at a home in france. >> the suspected gunman in the shootings at a jewish school is expected to surrender today. jummy olabanji has the latest details. >> the french interior minister did say the suspected shooter will turn himself in sometime this afternoon. the suspect threw a handgun out of the window of that home-and is still armed. police continue surrounding the home in toulouse france, where they believe the suspected gunman is. police officers exchanged gunfire with the man inside the home. three police officers were injured although we don't know the extent of those injuries. authorities have been conducted a massive manhunt across southern france after seven people were killed in three separate attacks over the past several days. the suspect is a 24-year-old french national who claimed to belong to al qaeda. the suspect is angry at the french military for its operations abroad. but terrell was raised to its highest level ever in that region -- the terror alert was raised to a size level ever. a
new immigration controls. he's also trumping his claims to save france from falling victim to the euro zone. >> translator: ask those french people to think about what's happening today to the italian retirees, to imagine how they feel, the spanish unemployed who have so little chance to find work because the level of unemployment is three times higher than in france. >> so, with sarcosian vying for the top spot, is it too early to call this a two-horse race? on the far right, keen to shake off the national france image as a single issue party. she wants france out of the euro. meanwhile, central leader of the democratic movement, a staunch euro far, has said he's going to wipe out the deficit within three years. he's going to force governments to run balanced budgets. and he's campaigning to revive france's flagging industry. >> with the polls tight ning ahead of the first round with just a small surge in sentiment towards these candidates could go a long way to splitting at the top come april 22nd. >> all right, so those are the runners and riders. stefan is in paris. i suppose the k
>>> thanks for watching, "erin burnett out front" starts right >>> today's shooting in france puts police in new york and in other cities across the country on high alert. we'll tell you why. >>> and then does barack obama have a donor problem? >>> and a big announcement from apple today. will it put some money in your pocket? let's go outfront. >>> good evening, everyone. i'm erin burnett. out front tonight, a developing story. there was a hate crime in france that is spurring fears of copy cat attacks in the united states. increased security at american jewish institutions from san francisco to washington, d.c. and new york following a deadly shooting today outside a jewish school in southern france. french president nicolas sarkozy said the shooting was an obvious antisemitic attack. the new york police department said special attention is now being paid to synagogues. >> do we have a significant jewish population in this city, and we have to take that into account. we know that we're at the top of the terrorist target list, so we are concerned about the so-called copy cat syndr
president of france. dominique strauss kahn is now involved from sex scandal in the u.s. >> there is aggravated charges that the man once the world's most elites financial figures. and they will take a closer look if strauss-kahn was involved in sex parties. >> dominique strauss-kahn is facing his latest sex saga, charged with obscuring prostitutes for orgy parties here and in d.c. >> i think this is not good for anyone. >> prostitution is legal in france, and this investigation is to determine strauss-kahn's investigation, and almost a year ago charged with rape of a maid. still facing a civil suit by the maid, a trial that is set to get underway wednesday in new york. unlike the trials of wrong doing. >> i believe you understand why we believed at the beginning this case was not what it appeared to be. >> once again he is maintaining his innocence, whith his attorny saying that strauss-kahn did attend the parties but not involved in the prostitutes. >> it makes me question his rules of law. >> strauss-kahn was known in france as the great seducer. with a possibility
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